Alice Cooper once had a four-hour conversation with a man who thought he was Al Pacino.

The 64-year-old American rocker shared the hilarious mix-up in an interview with Q magazine and admitted he was too kind to correct him.

The musician is known for his long dark hair, remarkable nose and piercing blue eyes framed with black make-up - but his off-duty look left him mistaken for the legendary actor.

“I flew from Phoenix to New York sitting next to a guy once. I had a little snap-brim hat on and my hair tied back. We talked for four hours and when we got off the plane he says, 'Excuse me. I really need to get an autograph, Mr Pacino.' So I signed 'Al Pacino' because I didn't want to disappoint him." he said.

Cooper added that Pacino isn’t his only famous lookalike.

He explained that people often think he is legendary Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood.

"I get mistaken for Ronnie Wood, because of the nose, I think,” he said.