Kylie Minogue has joked she could be “fired out of a cannon” on her next tour.

The Australian singer is celebrating 25 years in the music industry and has paid tribute to her career with new album The Abbey Road Sessions. The record features a collection of reworked versions of her classic songs including Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and I Should Be So Lucky.

Kylie is known for her spectacular stage shows and she can’t wait to thrill fans with future live performances.

"The big tour should be a big tour. That's what I've set myself up as. And I don't know… [I] could be fired out of a cannon across the stage Gonzo style from The Muppets. I don't know. I've already done some crazy things,” she told Yahoo! omg. "That's a challenge I'll look forward to.”

The 44-year-old star shows no signs of slowing down and still feels passionate about music.

Kylie has laughed that she may end up celebrating 50 years in the business if fans are still supporting her.

"With my zimmer frame. My bedazzled zimmer frame!…” she joked when asked if she will still be performing in another 25 years. "In many ways I feel like I'm just starting to know what I'm doing. I have joked about retiring but really, if I just look at the last year, if I'd stepped away I'd have missed out on acting in Holy Motors, the Anti-Tour in response to Aphrodite… releasing Abbey Road Sessions.

"My inquisitive nature will probably not let me rest for some time to come. Whether there's going to be K50? I don't know if I'll last that long or if people's interest will last that long.”