Jon Bon Jovi “was desperate to be reunited” with his wife and children.

The rocker was in the UK promoting his upcoming Bon Jovi Because We Can European tour, but he cut his visit short when Hurricane Sandy struck America’s east coast this week.

His wife Dorothea and their four children were stranded in flooded New York City and Jon rushed to be by their sides.

“He was really incredibly anxious for his family who were stuck in New York in an apartment and was desperate to be reunited with them,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

Apparently the family’s suburban home was severely damaged by the storm, which took the lives of nearly 55 people.

Jon was eager to work out how much damage the 95 mile-per-hour winds caused to his abode.

“The family house in New Jersey was also hit quite badly and he needs to go back to assess the damage and what can be salvaged,” the source said.

“He has loved his time in the UK and was here for a while yet but his family must take priority.

"It’s been a deeply upsetting time.”