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It’s well over 20 years since acid house transformed the way clubbers live, love and party. And since then, countless classic tunes have touched millions of dance music fans around the world.

Today Mixmag – the world’s biggest, longest-standing and most respected dance music and club culture magazine – poses the toughest question of all…

What is the greatest dance track of all time'

Was it that sunrise special from a first trip to Ibiza' A festival banger that tore the roof off the tent' Or that “one more tune”, end-of-the-night anthem from a life-changing clubbing experience'

To help dance fans along, Mixmag has made a shortlist of almost 300 timeless records – encompassing all genres of electronic dance music from house and techno to dubstep and drum’n’bass – that they think could be in contention to win. Go to now to browse the list, listen to each of the tracks and then cast your vote. A favourite track not found on Mixmag’s shortlist' Not a problem – users can simply input their choice manually and pick any track they want.

Users can also get a 20% discount from Beatport to buy any of the tunes on the shortlist by using a special Mixmag code, found on the poll’s homepage.

The poll will run until December 21, 2012. The winner will be revealed in the February issue of Mixmag, on sale January 17, 2013.

Mixmag editor commented "Of all the polls we've ever run at Mixmag, this one has caused the most office arguments! Picking one greatest dance track of all time seems almost like an impossible task to many. So to help people along, we've created a list of 300 timeless records that we think could be in contention to win. You can listen to all of these tunes on our bespoke Facebook App and then make your choice. Just be careful, once you start browsing you may find that you've lost a day!"