Macy Gray would like to be friends with Jesus because he "seems like a good person to know".

The American singer has a clear idea of what she would change if she ruled the earth. She would make certain people be pals with her even if they were no longer alive.

"Royal friends? I'd have Jesus and Bob Marley. Jesus seems like a good person to know," she told Stylist magazine. "And Bob Marley was such a genius. I'm a huge fan of his music. He definitely inspired me in my career; I think he's probably inspired everybody."

Macy, 45, would also make sure she had a special royal residence. She'd be happy to take over a current palace, but would make it her own by hanging paintings on the walls. The star would also scatter "soft furry things" around to make her feel at home.

Having just one palace wouldn't be enough for Queen Macy though.

"I'd have a few castles. One in LA, which is where I live, and another in Spain," she said. "I really like Spain - it's one of the places where I always feel comfortable, like I've lived there in a past life or something. Oh and another one in Johannesburg. I've never been there but I keep hearing about how great it is. And what else? Lots of very good looking men as my waiters and butlers."