Ke$ha is dead … or so says Twitter. Ke$ha is the latest star to be killed off by a Twitter rumour.

R.I.P. Kesha started to trend today.

The posts on Twitter started earlier today and even inspired fake Britney, fake Ciara and fake Rihanna to post responses.

Fake Britney said, “Today, October 27th we lost a true legend. The Queen Of Pop Ke$ha evolved from an animal to an angel. RIP Kesha”.

Fake Rihanna added, “Why does twitter have to kill everyone? RIP Kesha, what did she die from, glitter overdose?”

Fake Ciara wrote, “why is rip kesha all over my timeline tho”.

The real Ke$ha has been pretty quiet about her death. Her last post was a picture of her cat.

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