The Rolling Stones played a small warm-up gig in front of 600 people at the La Trabendo nightclub in Paris in Thursday and have today released some footage from the show.

The band, in casual gear, rocked through a short but predictable setlist starting with ‘Route 66’, ending with ‘Brown Sugar’ and featuring the new song ‘Doom and Gloom’.

They also played the Muddy Waters classic ‘Champagne and Reefer’, a sometimes played live song at their gigs.

The audience paid 15 Euros ($AUD19) for a ticket.

Meanwhile, tickets for the two US shows went on sale today and both sold out in minutes.

The Stones will perform at The O2 Arena in London, UK on November 25 and 29 and in Newark, New Jersey, USA on December 13 and 15.

Watch a piece of Jumping Jack Flash here:

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