Calvin Harris credits Rihanna with transforming his career.

The Scottish producer and the Bahamian pop star worked together on her hit track We Found Love.

After that song topped the charts, Calvin’s life altered for good.

“It changed absolutely everything. Career-wise it was the best thing that could ever have happened,” he told British newspaper The Sun.

“For example, in America my tune Feel So Close came out about three months before. But when We Found Love came out, the radio started playing Feel So Close like it was the single after.

“Then that did really well, it charted well and sold a lot of copies. Then radio stations wanted to play me like I was the new act. That changed a lot of things as they wouldn’t play me before.”

Calvin used to refrain from drinking, but he now has a new hobby.

Whiskey is the musician’s favourite pastime currently.

“I’m on the whisky wagon and it’s a fantastic wagon to be on,” he said.

“I do enjoy a whisky for it’s health benefits. I like single malt — I’m growing to be a connoisseur, I’m working on it very hard.”