Bobby Brown's family is reportedly worried about his "current mental state".

The troubled 43-year-old R&B musician was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol earlier this week.

Bobby's loved ones fear if he ends up in jail it would be the last straw for the star.

“Bobby’s family are at their wits’ end following his latest arrest and are scared that the authorities will throw him in jail,” a source told “They are not so sure he will be able to survive in jail given what they fear is his current mental state and are worried that he could come into harm while inside."

The star's family is allegedly in two minds about what they think is the best outcome from his arrest. This is the second time Bobby has found himself in trouble with the law this year. In March, Bobby was arrested in California for the same charge, and admitted himself into rehab in August.

According to reports, those closest to the star are starting to consider that a strict rehab program could be their only hope of keeping him sober.

“But, despite their obvious fears, there is a silver lining that the family is clinging on to - that jail could actually help Bobby. If he does have to serve time, he will be ordered to complete a strict drug rehabilitation program," the source continued.

“If a judge orders him to complete a 120 day rehabilitation program along with counseling and asks him to regularly attend AA meetings he might finally be able to beat his addiction problems."

His first arrest for DUI in March came two months after the death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston.

Bobby was undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction as part of a legal arrangement when he was arrested this week.

“Bobby is in the last chance saloon now, it’s time he started to help himself,” the source divulged.