Dolly Parton admires Snow White because she “slept with the seven dwarfs".

The legendary American country star made the gag when asked which figure from history she identifies with most.

The Jolene singer chose fairytale character Snow White, who finds unlikely friends in the company of seven small men.

"[The figure I identify most with is] Snow White, because she slept with the seven dwarfs and got away with it," Dolly giggled to Vanity Fair.

The 66-year-old singer-songwriter has previously been ranked the wealthiest country music star. Along with a successful career singing, song-writing and acting, Dolly also owns The Dollywood Company. The business is responsible for the creation of theme park Dollywood, which is ranked as the 24th most popular theme park in the US.

Despite her success as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Dolly has maintained her down-to-earth attitude.

"[My biggest fear is] flipping my wig," Dolly honestly revealed.

"[And my biggest trait is] the fact that sometimes my mouth is a little too big and a little too open and sounds too much like a sailor."

The ever-glamorous blonde continued to describe the things she values most in life. She revealed that comfort food and time to herself are the two things she prizes most highly.

Along with finding time to relax, the star also appreciates having people around her who share her strong work ethic.

"[My favourite things are] a big loaded baked potato and a good book with time to eat it and read it," Dolly explained, adding: "[What I admire most is] everyone who gets up every day, puts on their boots or high heels, and gets to working on what they love to do."