Snoop Dogg insists he couldn’t ever stop rapping.

The music star is known for his hip-hop tunes but recently announced he is going in a new direction and has changed his name to Snoop Lion. His new album Reincarnated has more of a reggae feel, but Snoop has promised fans he hasn’t turned his back on his musical roots forever.

“To be or not to be? That is the question. Or as we say - to G or not to G? That is the question. We'll see. I don't think I could ever stop,” he told ET Online when asked if he will ever release another rap album. “I just think that, right now, this is what feels good to me. I've been doing rap ever since I've been a rapper. So that's probably 1978 when I started and it's 2012... And to be able to take what I learned from rapping and be able to spin it into reggae music is beautiful because there's a little rap in reggae and there's a little reggae in rap, so it's all complementary.”

Following a trip to Jamaica in February, Snoop believes he is destined to be a reggae star and claims to feel a close connection to late music legend Bob Marley.

The star is determined to use his fame to inspire good in others.

“As an older man I have to speak on things that make a difference and things that matter -- using my power the right way to say something,” he explained.

Along with his album Reincarnated, Snoop will also be releasing a documentary of the same name.