It has been a decade since James Taylor released an album of original material, all the way back to 2002's October Road. He's decided to end that drought but he needs to concentrate on the writing and recording process so Taylor has announced that he won't be touring in 2013.

In an interview with the Berkshire Eagle on Friday he said "I’m taking the year off, I’m not touring, I’m trying to write an album. The goal is to have the album released by the summer of 2014. That’s what I’m hoping for."

Taylor went on to talk about how difficult it is to just shut things down for that long. "It’s hard to take the year off, there are a lot of very compelling things that come up and it’s amazing how the entire calendar fills up. For three years in a row, I’ve intended to take the fall off. I have to get really serious about it, and yet offers come along from old friends and things I’d love to do, and also the opportunity to work and bring home a paycheck. It’s very hard to turn work down."

James also discussed his admiration of Barack Obama and his opinions on the political process. To see the whole interview, go to the Berkshire Eagle.

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