Harry Styles is the kind of man who would "always look after" a woman.

The One Direction star has earned a reputation as a ladies' man after being linked to a host of older women. His best friend Will Sweeney recently claimed the 18-year-old is looking for a relationship and has now opened up about the kind of boyfriend he would be.

"He's very soft at heart. People are saying that he's got all these women hanging around him and he's a big tough guy, but that's definitely not the case," he told Heat magazine. "I'm sure he can hold his own, but he's more of the caring, softer type of lad that would always look after you, not one of these, 'Let's go around and get really drunk and go out on the town' types - he's completely the opposite of that. He's always been like that. He's sentimental."

Will is clear on the type of woman Harry is looking for too. Although there are certain features which the pop star finds attractive, it's more important to him that his love interest is kind.

"He just wants them to be themselves and have a nice personality," Will added.