LL Cool J tries to “carve out” time to be with his family.

The rapper raises son Najee and daughters Italia, Samaria and Nina with his wife Simone.

Despite his busy schedule – which included a special performance for US marines in South Carolina on Thursday – the 44-year-old makes sure he is around for his children.

"I try to prioritise...Yesterday, before I got on the plane to come here [South Carolina] to do the concert, I went to the school for my daughter,” he revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

“They had a football game and this was her first time cheerleading... So I was on the sidelines like every other dad... taking pictures and doing all of that. I just try to carve out time for my family and make sure that I'm there for them, and I would encourage all the guys out there to do that."

After performing his fatherly duties, LL visited Parris Island marine base to give an exclusive concert for members of the US armed forces.

The father-of-four says his admiration for the men and women in uniform helped his decision to put on the special show.

"I just thought to myself that they do so much for our country. These marines go all over the world; they put themselves in harm's way first a lot of the time," he marvelled.

“They actually live the lives of heroes. Anyone who wakes up in the morning and part of their daily job description is 'Put your life on the line,' you have to respect that and recognise that."