Lil Wayne does “what he wants to do.”

The rapper performed at the Roseland Ballroom along with Nicki Minaj in New York City last August. Lil Wayne was incarcerated in the Big Apple and told a MTV News reporter after the show, “Flat out: I don’t like New York.”

New Yorkers were infuriated by his statement, but Lil Wayne is too authentic and simply too busy to care about others’ opinions on the matter.

"I have to be honest with you, dog: All I do is work, and I swear to God, I don't even know the reaction," Lil Wayne told MTV News Thursday.

"If I knew the reaction I'd know how to be able to answer that question, but I don't know the reaction. I just say what I want to say, do what I want to do and f**k who don't like it."

Fabolous, a collaborator of Lil Wayne’s and a Brooklyn native, even made a track called So NY with lyrics saying, “I'm so New York, Weezy probably don't like me”.

Lil Wayne hasn’t heard the song and isn’t too keen on listening to it.

"Nah, I don't listen to nothin' else but myself, 'cause I'm just tryin' to get better," he said. "I always listen to what I could've said or done better, so I'm sorry."

Lil Wayne is currently working on his new album I Am Not a Human Being II.