Matt Bellamy says George Clooney is “very chilled out”.

The Muse lead singer and songwriter described his memories of the A-list actor from when he lived near George's luxury villa on Lake Como in Italy.

Matt joked that although George never came to visit him, he did learn some things about the Hollywood star.

"No, he never [borrowed milk]. I saw him go past on his motorbike a number of times," Matt laughed to NME magazine.

"I've met him since then but I never met him in Como. Nice guy, very mellow, very chilled out. He likes to ride around on his Harley."

The 34-year-old musician became engaged to actress Kate Hudson last year and the pair have had a son, Bingham, together since. He described his role in Muse as being much like the one he plays at home. Matt often puts on a hard exterior to protect his softer side.

"I'm the show director. I like to think that I'm the rock that keeps everyone grounded," Matt revealed. "But I can also crumble under pressure, like sand."