Mel B would rather party with Sharon Osbourne than her daughter Kelly.

The former Spice Girl has spent time with both Sharon and Kelly in the past. Mel prefers the company of outspoken TV judge Sharon, as she's more fun.

"I've had a night out with both Kelly and Sharon Osbourne before and I'd have to say I'd rather party with Sharon," Mel revealed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

"Kelly is adorable but Sharon is hilarious. She's crazy, she just doesn't care. She says it how it is, but is kind of respectful at the same time, if that makes sense?"

The 37-year-old singer is known for her feisty personality and like Sharon she has also judged singing contest The X Factor. Mel explained why she thinks 60-year-old star Sharon is let off more lightly than she is when she makes outspoken remarks, claiming her regional British accent is to blame.

"[Sharon’s] English accent lets her get away with it," Mel moaned. "I need one of those - a posh voice. Mine is more country."

The star also spoke about her most recent crazy night out. Mel laughed about the "surreal" moment when she found herself naked in George Michael's bathroom after her London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony performance.

"The most recent was with the other Spice Girls after the Olympics. We went back to George Michael’s for a house party and I was in the bathroom with Mel C when in walks Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss," Mel explained.

"I was wearing a catsuit and to go to the loo you had to take the whole thing off. So I'm completely naked going to the loo and in walked those two, it was a bit of a surreal moment."