Leona Lewis admits her "hot headed" temperament can sometimes land her in trouble.

The singer is prone to having arguments because she has a short fuse. The 27 year-old star is never afraid to speak up in order to protect herself or her loved ones.

"I'm very passionate and hot headed. I have definitely had moments. I don't think before I do things," Leona admitted to the UK edition of OK! magazine. "If someone annoys me or takes advantage of me or one of my friends, I can't control myself. I go off."

Leona explained how a recent situation led to her venting her frustration. The surprising revelation comes after previous interviews portrayed the X Factor UK winner as a placid person.

"Someone was rude to my friend the other day and I literally flew off the handle!” Leona exclaimed. "I'm very protective over the people I love. I hate to see them hurt, it gets me in trouble."

Leona is currently promoting her single Trouble from her third album release Glassheart.