Gwen Stefani says being in No Doubt was “super fun” – even before they found fame.

The American rock band formed in 1986 and they spent years trying to make it in the music industry. Although that period of time was tough, Gwen has fond memories of life before she was a household name.

“Sometimes I don’t know what was better, the time before we had the commercial success or afterwards? That first ten years was amazing, it was super fun,” she told a UK TV show. “We were so young and we weren’t doing it for any other reason other than it was the fun part of our lives.”

No Doubt took a break after their 2004 tour but have since reunited for new album, Push and Shove.

During their hiatus, Gwen pursued a solo career, but insists she never expected her material to be so well received.

“I was doing it more like an art project, it kind of spiralled out of control as far as what it turned into, it was supposed to be like your guilty pleasure album, like a fun thing,” she smiled. “Dance songs don’t have a real deep meaning… I am not putting my whole life on display.”