The man who encroached onto Miley Cyrus’ property last month has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Jason Luis Rivera jumped the fence surrounding Miley’s Los Angeles home in September and ran around the yard wielding scissors. He said the reason for his unwelcome visit was because he wanted to see the star.

The Los Angeles City Attorney reports to TMZ that the intruder will spend a year and a half in the slammer, the maximum sentence for these offences.

Although Jason remains in custody and will begin serving his time immediately, officials advise Miley to get a new restraining order against him as soon as possible.

“I advised [Miley's] legal team to get a restraining order immediately,” Deputy City Attorney Joshua Geller told the website.

Initially Jason pled not guilty to the misdemeanour charges, but the judge set his bail at $100,000 and made it clear that Jason was not to come within 500 yards of Miley at any time.

Jason bizarrely refused probation for his crimes and chose jail time instead.