Morrissey appeared on The Colbert Report this week and had the piss taken out of him by Stephen Colbert.

Colbert teased Morrissey about a Smiths reunion, the Royal Family and meat.

On The Smiths:

Colbert: “It is my job as a journalist to find out why you won’t get back together with Johnny Marr. You guys could cash in huge”.

Morrissey: Not everybody is a fat old slag.

On Meat:

Colbert: Why are you so militant on not only eating meat but not seeing meat.

Morrissey: Because animals are nicer than humans. They are conscious beings.

Colbert: What about animals that eat other animals. Can I eat a lion? What about an animal that is already dead like a cow that has been sentenced to death for murder? Or a pig that commits suicide from listening to too many of your songs?

Morrissey: You shouldn’t laugh at that.

Colbert: I know a lamb that’s a fucking asshole.

On the Royal Family:

Colbert: Did you enjoy the Queens jubilee. It was such a lovely celebration.

Morrissey: A celebration of what?

Colbert: 60 years of majesty.

Morrissey: 60 years of dictatorship.

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