Ke$ha thinks her new album Warrior will make fans “pee in their pants.”

The 25-year-old pop songstress recently released her first single Die Young from the EP.

Ke$ha is certain that listeners will get a kick out of the record.

“My fans will dance so hard, they pee in their pants,” she told Us Weekly magazine.

“In a sexy way.”

Ke$ha got really innovative with the music she created on these tracks.

The singer fused multiple genres to create a hybrid sound.

“My album is raw rock, rap and pop on steroids,” she explained.

Ke$ha has a clear favourite song that stands out from all the rest in her mind.

The tune is intimate and paranormal.

“Supernatural [is my favourite song on the album]—about gettin’ it on with a ghost!” she said.

Warrior is due for release in late November.