Nicki Minaj is often shocked at the realisation that she is no longer “under the radar.”

The 29-year-old rapper shot to fame a couple years back after releasing her Pink Friday album. She is now a panelist on the new season of American Idol.

Nicki is still not used to all the attention she receives.

“I always think I’m under the radar until I see an eyeball following me,” Nicki explained to People magazine. “But it comes with the territory.”

Nicki’s personal style certainly doesn’t deter fans from picking her out from the crowd.

The artist who is known for outrageous outfits and hair colours has had an eye for flamboyant fashion since she was a little girl.

“I played dress up, and I thought I knew best when it came to my hair,” Nicki shared. “I cut, permed and dyed it. I never thought to wear wigs.”

Nicki recently received a lot of media attention for a screaming match with Idol co-judge Mariah Carey.