Christina Aguilera will put on a “really fun” performance for her fans at the American Music Awards.

The pop songstress will release her new album Lotus just days before gracing the stage at the AMAs next month.

Christina has been generating headlines for her racy Lotus album cover, in which her hair covers her breasts and her naked body rises out of petals.

The star is looking to this image for concert inspiration.

"It's very exciting. It's definitely going to be a reflection of what Lotus means to me," Christina told MTV News.

"If you take that album cover and give it a little performance twist, I'll bring that album cover to life, so it's going to be really fun.”

Christina is remaining tight-lipped on what she will actually sing during the awards ceremony.

"I can't give too much away about the songs, but it's definitely going to represent the album because the album is very multilayered," she said.

"Everything comes from a very sincere, deep-rooted place whether it's having fun or being vulnerable. Vulnerable in the sense of how I did Beautiful, finding strength in your insecurities, finding strength in your toughest times and as my responsibility hold to my fans, to inspire them and also hopefully inspire the next generation of voices and singers so that's what my goal was on this record."

The 40th Annual American Music Awards will take place in Los Angeles November 18.