Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has tweeted that he and model Minnie Gupta have separated after almost two years.

The glam rock hero and the bikini model got together at the start of last year after a chance meeting in Los Angeles, shortly after he separated from his wife Maria Bierk.

Now, Bach has felt the need to tweet that he and Gupta have broken up.

He wrote, through TwitLonger: “After almost 2 years together, Minnie Gupta & myself have decided to go our separate ways. I will always be grateful for our time together & I will always have love in my heart for Minnie. I cannot thank her enough for her companionship, love, & inspiration that resulted in my favourite album I have ever recorded. I wish Minnie nothing but the best in life, because that’s what she deserves. She is a truly special girl & I am so very lucky to have known her. Until we meet again..”

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