Streamline Records executive Vincent Herbert believes fans can expect a “great album” from Lady Gaga.

The pop songstress is currently on her international Born This Way Ball tour, but she is also recording songs for her upcoming album ARTPOP in between shows.

Vincent, who manages Gaga at the label, is impressed with the tracks that she is working on thus far.

"The record's coming out really, really great," he told MTV News.

"She's just recording and trying to make sure she's giving her fans a great, great album."

Vincent is a huge fan of Gaga’s work.

He believes that the entertainer is a dynamo both onstage and in the studio.

"If you haven't seen the tour, can't wait for you to see it. It's phenomenal. She's just always changing things," Vincent said.

"I had been sick [with a pulmonary embolism] for a while, and we just came from London and [my wife] Tamar whispered to me like, 'I got to rethink me.' Because when you see this girl on tour, it's like, 'I got to make sure I'm ready for this,' because she's always — she loves it. She loves her fans. She works hard and it's incredible."