Kim Kardashian reportedly believes that her new pet Mercy “will make her more relatable.”

The reality TV star’s boyfriend Kanye West gave her the white kitten recently.

Apparently Kim doesn’t really have an affinity for the animal and took on the responsibility of cat ownership to score points with the public.

“Kim thinks a pet will make her more relatable,” a source revealed to Star magazine. “She doesn’t love Mercy at all.”

Kim is said to have no interest in taking part in raising Mercy.

She is rumoured to have shirked off all responsibility to her employees.

“The smell of the litter box repulses her, and she makes her assistant clean it,” the insider said.

“And she gripes about cat hair—Kim will only cuddle Mercy for the cameras. She’s too into herself to actually care for an animal.”

Kim’s new pet will accompany her in Florida while she shoots Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.