Ana Matronic has joked that she clicked with Jake Shears in a "you're my kind of freak" way.

The Scissors Sisters star revealed how their relationship has evolved since they first met at a Halloween party. Ana was dressed as an Andy Warhol reject and Jake as a back-street abortion, and she knew they would share a special bond.

"We clicked in an, 'Oh, you're my kind of freak' way," Ana explained to Marie Claire magazine. "It's a love-hate relationship, which happens when you work together really closely. We've become more like siblings than friends."

Ana thinks the fact she has a strong bond with Jake has helped them cope as the band has become more famous. She believes their family-type relationship means they have a more genuine approach to the industry than other stars she has met.

"The progression of the band has felt very natural," Ana continued. "Unlike some other solo artists who are more calculated and just want to be famous."