Justin Bieber is energised by his admirers’ energy.

The 18-year-old pop superstar is adored by millions of teenage girls around the world.

A few months ago during a performance in Oslo, Norway, 14 youth had to be taken away for “emergency care” and 49 fans were injured as they stampeded to get close to Justin.

When people are not getting hurt, Justin appreciates the exuberance fans exhibit.

"I love the hysteria. I love my fans,” Justin told ET Online.

"I love the way they interact with me -- how they're just so happy. I just love it."

Justin recently surprised a group of youngsters who worship his music with a visit while they tested out video game Just Dance 4.

The star got such a thrill from their reaction and is loyal to his youth fan base.

"I'm never going to get over that," Justin said.

"I never want to lose my young fans."

Justin kicked off his international concert tour Believe last weekend.