Bobby Rydell continues to mend from his July operation giving him a new liver and kidney. His official website has posted a couple of status updates on his ongoing recovery.

September 28, 2012

Bobby was 11 weeks post op yesterday. Last night he sang for the first time since March 5. Amazing how different life is when you get thru the dark tunnel and come out on the other side.

October 1, 2012

Bobby is doing amazing, only 11 weeks post surgery for a double organ transplant. He has not suffered any bouts of rejection and has gained 30 lbs already. He's back to playing his drums and even had a rehearsal Monday to "check out the pipes," which, by the way, are better than ever. His God given talent is still here, thanks to his angel donor and the gift of life she and her family gave to Bobby.

Bobby asks that all his fans look into supporting organ donor programs in your local areas. His organ donor saved several lives besides his.

Here's a fan shot video of a private rehearsal on September 24 at the Philadelphia Clef Club:

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