Gene Simmons wanted his students to learn about “inspirational” Spider-Man when he was a teacher.

The Kiss rocker worked in a school for some time but didn’t gel with the curriculum. He didn’t see the point of teaching about classic literature when he knew there was an easier way to get pupils interested in learning.

“I really wanted to expand young people’s minds because everything begins with a great idea. But then of course, you enter the corporate world, and I was not allowed to bring in Spider-Man comics and teach the kids that you can be a pimple-faced teenager that the cops don’t like and the bad guys don’t like, but you can still become Spider-Man, which to me is more inspirational than teaching a Puerto Rican kid in Spanish Harlem about Jane Eyre, a rosy-checked white girl in England,” he told Parade.

Gene is taking part in a global event called Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp, which sees people learning about the music industry. He has big plans for the event, warning participants he is determined to get the best out of them.

“You’re not going to like me when I work you out,” he said. “But you’re going to love me when you go out there and see how many more chicks are going to like you and how many more dollars are going to be bulging in your pants!”

Gene also mentioned his band’s new album Monster, which he’s proud of. The star has no doubt that it will storm charts the world over.

“We’ve sold over 100 million records. It’s ridiculous. People often accuse me of boasting, but I’m just stating fact. This is planet Kiss, and you’re just living on it!” he laughed.