Wiz Khalifa and his pregnant fiancée Amber Rose are finding it challenging to choose a name for their baby.

The pair announced that they were expecting their first child together at the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

Although Amber is far from giving birth, the couple are actively preparing for the new arrival.

"We're working on [the name],” Wiz told MTV News. “You know how difficult that is. But it's all good, though. I let her have her way all the time; that's my baby."

Wiz is an avid marijuana smoker.

Now that Amber is with child, he cannot puff in his home.

“I smoke outside instead of inside. Everything is all about smells, man. If the smell irritates her, then it gotta go," he shared.

Although the couple just learned the sex of their baby, Wiz won’t reveal the gender right now.

"I do know, but then [Amber] told us not to say yet. We'll wait until she's ready," he said.