Jason Derülo says his upcoming shows will be a “giant party”.

The American superstar is performing at the Dubai Caribbean Carnival in November.

The Ridin’ Solo singer has revealed what fans can expect from his performance.

“A giant party! A lot of fun, high energy,” he told United Arab Emirates magazine Ahlan!

“Come to dance, it should be fun! I’ve been there before and done clubs and little things here and there but this one’s gonna be a full on show.”

Earlier this year, Jason appeared on American Idol to ask fans to help him finish the lyrics to his new song Undefeated.

The 23-year-old explains why his supporters are so important to him.

“My biggest inspiration is my fans. The way that the music affects people is really incredible,” he gushed.

“You can’t really know what that’s like until you've experienced that first hand. Just being in front of massive crowds and getting all these different messages from people all across the world who you’ve never met before, telling you how your music has affected them, how it’s helped them in different situations... it’s a new inspiration but it’s my biggest inspiration now.”