Last year, Tony Bennett recorded the song The Lady is a Tramp with Lady Gaga for his album Duets II. The two hit if off famously both musically and personally and that friendship is about to spawn a brand new project.

Bennett told Rolling Stone that he and Lady Gaga would be recording a full album of jazz music and it was all Gaga"s idea:

Of all things, she called me from New Zealand and said, "I want to do a jazz album with you and I said, "You got it!" So that"s one of the things we"re gonna do.

We"re gonna do a jazz album with Marion Evans, a big swing band, and I"m looking forward to it because a lot of people don"t know it, but she"s a phenomenal jazz singer. I can"t mention the composer because I don"t want anybody to do it before we do it, but there"s a great composer that"s very underrated, very famous, but not as famous as Gershwin or Porter. But he did as many hit songs as anybody, and so we"re gonna do a big swinging album.

He went on to say that he would like to record as soon as possible but that might not happen for a bit as Bennett is about to release his album Viva Duets and Gaga is still out on her Born This Way tour.

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