Music legend Neil Young has thrown a new player into the streaming music revolution. He is about to launch Pono.

Speaking this week to David Letterman Neil explains, “when the artist records at a certain level it doesn’t get dummied down to CD, it doesn’t get dummied down to MP3. Now we can preserve all the great works of all of the original artists through the years from Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway all the way up to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Jay-Z, all the way through”.

Unlike the compressed iPod and iTunes quality, Pono plays music at the highest quality available from the original studio sounds. “What we do is transfer it to the highest possible resolution digital because analogue has all the information in it. And then we use the highest resolution digital can get and that’s what comes out of the player.”

At it says, “As our description for sound quality, Pono is “the best it can be”; you will hear the very best possible, with all the nuances and clarity of the original master, certified by the artist or record company. Pono lets you “feel the soul of the music”.

Watch what Neil has to say about Pono to David Letterman here:

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