P. Diddy insists he didn’t raise “celebrity children”.

The hip-hop mogul raises six children with various women and applies the same philosophy to them all. He may be famous, but while they were growing up that wasn’t their choice so he did everything in his power to protect them.

“That’s one of the things that I think that raising my kids – myself and the mothers of my children – we don’t raise them as celebrity children,” he told Access Hollywood.

“We don’t allow taking pictures at their recitals and things like that. We don’t wanna be rude or nothing, but it’s their time, it’s their moment. I’m there to support them as a parent.”

Diddy’s 19-year-old son Justin plays American Football at UCLA after winning a scholarship to study there.

The rapper is intensely proud of his son and loves going to his games. The 42-year-old makes sure it’s all about Justin when he goes to see the team – known as the Bruins - play.

“I just go there as a parent. I tell people like, ‘I’m off today. I’m really here to support my son.’ It’s about my son,” he said.

“I dress in full UCLA garb. I’m fully committed, I’m a full Bruin.”