Kim Kardashian is in fear of becoming a pathological “cat lady.”

The reality TV star’s boyfriend Kanye West gave her a white kitten named Mercy recently.

Kim’s sister Kourtney’s son Mason is particularly taken with Mercy and Kim is also overflowing with love for the feline.

She is worried that she may be crossing the crazy threshold with her enthusiasm toward her pet.

"I just hope I'm not turning into one of those cat ladies that's Tweeting too many pictures of her pet!" she told People magazine.

"I have always wanted a white Persian cat with light eyes. That was my thing. I've been always looking at kittens like that online."

Taking care of Mercy is a family affair.

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner has been supportive of the animal from the beginning and even christened the furry creature.

"My mom actually helped me come up with that name… It's a song of my boyfriend's, so I thought it was cute," Kim said.

"I just thought it was a cute name and it fit her."