Jay-Z says he is the “American Dream”.

The star has carved out a successful career as a rapper, record producer, designer and part-owner of basketball team The Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z is also happily married to Beyoncé Knowles and they have a daughter, Blue Ivy.

The 42-year-old sometimes finds it overwhelming to think of all he has achieved.

"Yeah, I think I'm the American Dream," Jay-Z told the BBC.

"That whole thing that you could come here and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, like that whole thing what America has always put up to the world that we represent. I feel that, yes, I've lived that."

This season, The Brooklyn Nets – formerly known as The New Jersey Nets – will make their debut at their new home, the Barclays Center.

The stadium is in Jay-Z's hometown of Brooklyn and he will mark the event by performing on the opening night on Friday.

When he was younger he had aspirations to make it as a star player rather than in the music industry.

"You know the three-two-one, oh, he hits the winning shot," Jay-Z explained.

"But no one was ever on the court saying I was going to own the Knicks. It's way beyond any of my wildest dreams."