Justin Timberlake wasn’t a fan of reading as a child – until his parents gave him Sports Illustrated.

The singer-and-actor stars alongside Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood in upcoming baseball film Trouble with the Curve.

The 31-year-old reveals his love of games dates back to his childhood as when he was little he’d only read sports magazines.

“When I was younger reading was sort of boring to me, so to get me to read my parents got me Sports Illustrated, which they also had for kids,” the star confessed to Flicks and Bits.

“They got me a subscription to Sports Illustrated for kids and that’s how they could get me to sit down and actually read something. I was a huge Michael Jordan fan growing up and I always rooted for the LA Dodgers. Golf, basketball, baseball, I always followed that.”

Justin, who started his career singing hits such as Cry Me a River, has recently enjoyed acting success, starring in films such as Friends with Benefits and The Social Network.

Despite his own established movie career, Justin is still in awe of his colleagues.

“This has always been part of the dream for me,” he explained.

“And to have idols like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, guys that could do it all, that really inspired me. I’m just humble to the process, I really am – I’m not gonna pass up a movie with Clint Eastwood… I actually volunteered to [carry Clint’s coffee] but he felt like it made him feel weird, so I didn’t.”