Florence Welch says it important that her childhood mermaid "fantasies" feature in her music.

The British singer is famed for her romantic lyrics which are steeped in fantastical themes, including ghouls and ocean themes.

Florence + the Machine are currently promoting album Ceremonials, which features songs including What the Water Gave Me.

Florence is glad that her tracks lyrics echo her childhood ideals.

"I kind of had these fantasies of Atlantis and of mermaids, and this idea that underwater, that's where everything must be," she told the Sun Sentinel.

"I was a slightly uncomfortable child and to be underwater was to be graceful and to be submerged in something that was neither good nor bad. It just kind of takes you under, away from something."

Florence likes the balance between life on the road and the stability of her home in London. The flame-haired songstress likes to mix up her social scene when she's in-between countries, but soon tires of the routine.

"I'm quite disciplined when I'm on tour. So when I come home, it's like, 'Get me to the pub!' as soon as I'm off the plane," she explained.

"But then, I have to recover from home. So it's like, 'Please get me back on tour. I need some structure in my life.'"