Lady Gaga has apparently been enjoying midnight feasts.

The pop singer has hit the headlines recently after showing off a fuller figure. Gaga recently performed in Amsterdam and revealed that using marijuana has been a “spiritual experience” for her. It has now been claimed that Gaga’s use of the drug has led to her tucking into her favourite junk foods at night.

“The weight Gaga has put on isn’t about the amount she is consuming in the day – it’s late at night,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “With her intense performances right now she’s burning off thousands of calories each night anyway so she will probably see some weight drop off over the next few weeks.”

In response to the negative comments about her weight, Gaga has launched a page on her Little Monsters website called A Body Revolution 2013. She is urging her fans to embrace their body shape, just like she has.

It has also been claimed that Gaga is in no rush to lose weight because her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is a fan of her new curves.

“She won’t be succumbing to any pressure to drop the pounds,” the source added. “Gaga takes food seriously and doesn’t want to deprive herself of it, especially when she’s happy with how she looks.”