Christina Aguilera isn’t concerned about whether or not her music will “go over [people’s] heads”.

The 31-year-old songstress is preparing to release her new album Lotus.

Christina is excited to share the record with fans, as she remained true to her artistic vision throughout the recording process.

"I've already put out a greatest hits record, so I've been in this business for a while, and... I'm a risk taker, that's just who I am at heart,” she told MTV News.

“It's who I can't help but be. It's who I always am in nature, as a person and as an artist. And with that comes hurdles and certain areas where people aren't going to get it and understand it artistically; sometimes it will go over their heads and it will not be as commercially successful.”

Christina feels that she has matured exponentially as a musician.

Her growth is evident in her music.

“I'm someone that's always growing and evolving,” she said.

“I feel that I've reached a place where I'm completely embracing everything about who I am, and I'm having more of an understanding of myself.”

Lotus will be released in November.