Kirstie Alley is a proponent of Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution.

Lady Gaga launched a page on her Little Monsters website entitled A Body Revolution 2013 this week in response to controversy over her recent weight gain.

Body Revolution asks fans to submit photos of themselves and encourages people to embrace their physical attributes.

Kirstie, 61, who has recently publicly battled with her own weight gain, is all for Gaga’s project.

"I think it's good that she's saying this and starting the body revolution,” she told the American edition of OK! magazine.

“I know dancers and ballerinas... I was talking to Shawn Johnson about gymnasts who are expected to be shredded and skinny and there's no way to do it naturally."

Kirstie is impressed by the example Gaga is setting for women around the world.

She believes that the superstar singer is using her fame for the good.

"I say more power to her,” Kirstie said.

“She is such a role model for millions of girls in the world and she should be whatever weight she wants to be and nobody should have to starve themselves.”