Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt bandmembers “had no game plan” for their new album.

The legendary pop rock group is currently promoting their new album Push and Shove.

After their 2004 tour, No Doubt embarked on solo projects, with members - including Gwen - starting families in between.

When the band finally came together to compose songs, they initially hit a rough patch.

"I feel like we had no game plan for this record; we didn't know what kind of record we were going to make," Gwen told MTV News.

"When we first started writing, we couldn't write, and then we finally got inspired and we started writing songs but they were coming slowly, like one at a time ... and after we wrote, like, three songs, we got so excited that we went in and recorded them, just to see where we were at. And then we kept re-recording them, until we got to a place where we felt 'This is it.' It was a lot of re-writing and a lot of re-recording; the songs just kept evolving."

Push and Shove was officially released last week.