Lady Gaga has no right to privacy because she apparently exposes herself in "bizarre and intimate ways”.

The superstar's former personal assistant Jennifer O'Neill is suing Gaga for £250,000 of alleged unpaid overtime.

Jennifer is claiming Gaga's demands for privacy are "ludicrous" as she regularly exposes her body in provocative ways in front of the cameras.

The singer's former aide says unpublished photos of Gaga by top photographer Terry Richardson will prove she was at her boss' side constantly.

However Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is refusing to release the pictures claiming they are "private and personal".

In papers filed in the Manhattan Federal Court, Jennifer gives her reasons for stating Gaga has no right to privacy.

"[Lady Gaga exposes] herself in all manner of bizarre and intimate ways for the world to see every day," the papers state according to British newspaper The Sun.

Jennifer's statement continues to reveal her alleged work responsibilities went above and beyond what is deemed reasonable.

"I was frequently at Ms Germanotta's side, often ready with coffee and/or water, from dusk to dawn," Jennifer continued. "I was glued to Ms Germanotta to such an extent that at one point I was asked… to step back so that I would not in the way during photoshoots."

Gaga has given a six hour deposition to Jennifer's lawyers as part of the on-going legal action. The case is due in court later this year.