Fergie had to send her food back to be reheated as she took so long posing for photographs with fans at a restaurant.

The Black Eyed Peas star was amazed by how much attention she attracted when she went out for dinner in West Hollywood. Rather than getting annoyed by people interrupting her night out, the star was only too happy to meet and greet fans.

In the end, she started walking around the eatery and stopping next to anyone who wanted to talk to her.

"I counted at least 12 people. Fergie, clearly enjoying herself, had her food sent back to the kitchen for reheating a couple of times," a source laughed to National Enquirer.

"Finally they cooked her a fresh plate!"

After finishing her dinner, Fergie left the venue. On her way out she was stopped by yet another admirer, and was seen laughing and joking as they posed for a photograph.