Amber Riley says recording a duet with Glee co-star Naya Rivera would be “fun”.

The actress plays Mercedes Jones in the popular US TV show. Amber is currently juggling her filming commitments with recording an album. She would love to have Naya join her in the recording studio, but insists nothing has been finalised.

"That was just an idea!” Amber told when asked about a duet with Naya. “It was like, “Oh, that would be fun!' It's not like an on-paper type thing. [The album] is definitely going to be R&B. That's the music I love to the core…

"There is no release date yet but I'm having fun recording. It's a big dream of mine and I can't wait for everyone to hear what I've been doing."

Amber went on to reveal that singing the US National Anthem at the Democratic National Convention was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of her life. Despite rehearsing for the performance, the 26-year-old was still terrified about messing up.

“I was really excited to do it but it's so easy to forget those words,” she explained. “And when you're so nervous, it doesn't matter how many times you rehearse it, you can still forget. It was such a privilege and it was something monumental I'll always remember."

Amber also discussed what fans can expect from the latest season of Glee. Mercedes is now in Los Angeles working as a backing singer, and while it seems her career may be taking off, Amber is keeping quiet about her romantic life.

“I have no idea!” the star replied when asked about Mercedes’ potential love interests. “There is no indication what it is at all yet."