Robbie Williams wants to "dominate the charts" with his new music.

The Take That star is currently preparing for the release of his new album Take the Crown on November 5.

Robbie has explained the reason behind the record's title.

"Because I feel I haven't really been engaged with my last couple of albums and I think that's come across. Now I've come full circle and I want to impress people," he told the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"I want to dominate the charts. I want to take on the world and I want to be a top pop star. I'm re-energised and it's called Take The Crown for that reason."

Robbie - who has battled drug addictions in the past - has revealed the moment he felt his drive return.

"When I found the right balance of medication, really," he said.

"I was [messing] about for a while and then I found the right levels and I thought, this is it - go and take on the pop charts."