will.i.am lives in “Will World”, which is an “interesting place”.

The Black Eyed Peas star works closely with British pop star Cheryl Cole and she has discussed their relationship. She enjoys spending time with will.i.am because he always has something fun to say.

"We talk about anything from teleporting human beings to RoboCop becoming real because he’s ‘super duper intelligent,'" Cheryl told We Love Pop magazine. "You have no idea what we talk about outside of business. The guy lives in Will World, and it’s a very interesting place up there."

As well as daydreaming about fictional situations becoming a reality, will.i.am is highly interested in technology. He has a vast knowledge which sometimes confuses those around him.

“He loses me sometimes and goes off on one for hours," Cheryl admitted.

Cheryl is set to make a return to the UK X Factor this year. The former panel member on the hit talent series will be back in an assistant role during the judges’ houses stage of the competition.

“I’ve been in both positions - I’ve been here and I’ve been on your side so I know how you’re feeling," Cheryl explained to contestants in the upcoming episode. "I’m just so excited to be here.”