Pharrell Williams has a "fetish" for older women after losing his virginity aged 16 to someone his senior.

The N.E.R.D. star - who is engaged to model and fashion designer Helen Lasichanh - lost his virginity when he was 16 to someone much older and says his early experiences made him prefer "powerful" people with life experience.

He said: "I like powerful women - women with some life experience - and I'm very attracted to intelligence.

"I lost my virginity when I was 16. She was older than me, and age has been a fetish of mine ever since."

Pharrell, 39, also admitted he hates girls who "play games".

Asked what he likes in a girlfriend, he told more! magazine: "No games! That's a major turn-off. A girl who plays games makes me run the other way because I'm like, 'This chick is crazy.'

"Just keep it honest, fun and light."

While Pharrell prefers the company of older women, 19-year-old Miley Cyrus recently admitted she loved working with the producer because he became like a "brother" to her.

She said: "I was talking to him like he was an older brother, and everything I said was going onto the track...

"I got in there with Pharrell, and it was magic. Oh, dude, I'm so happy."